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A Happy Birthday Gift

In honor of my recent birthday, we added 3 purebred registered Finnsheep ewes to our flock. We think they are lovely and look forward to adding these brown genes to future fleeces. By introducing these sheep as a group, they integrated with the rest of the flock readily. They have been strong and healthy, which has been important as they adjust to a new environment and find a place in the social structure of a new flock.

These ewes come from breeding lines different from any we now have. However, they have body types and fleece characteristics congruent with the existing flock. We have rams from several breeding lines. With this addition, we have increased the genetic diversity of our flock so that we can keep the flock closed without inbreeding or line-breeding for some time. We will have numerous options to enable us to select breeding according to our long-term flock objectives. We are looking forward to managing the breeding this fall, and then to see what we will produce next spring in lambs and what we will harvest in wool!

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