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About Hyer Wools


Pure Bred Registered Finn Sheep

Raw Fleeces

Prepared Wool Roving

Blade Shearing Service

Our Story


Hyer Wools is a small, forty-acre homestead in the isolated area of historic Hyer, New Mexico. The community of Hyer no longer exists, but there are remnants of old homesteads. Our closest community is Stanley, still a very scattered place, with a number of people who live much like we do. Our landscape is designated high plains/shortgrass prairie and our climate is beautiful, but it can also be extreme. The wind blows almost constantly and drought is a challenge. With continued hard work and faith, we have met the challenge since 1994.


Kerry and Kathleen Mower each pitch into all​ aspects of caring for our flock of purebred registered Finnish Landrace sheep. Kerry is the animal expert and a skilled professional blade shearer. He enjoys shearing small backyard flocks all over New Mexico and southern Colorado. Kerry has a Phd. in animal health and works full-time as a wildlife biologist for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.  Kathleen focuses on fiber arts, with wool crafts such as spinning, crocheting, felting and embroidery getting special attention. She is an accomplished needlewoman.

Our goal is to raise healthy sheep and produce an abundance of wonderfully soft wool for hand spinning and fiber craft. We purposely keep our foundation flock small so that we might provide attention and loving care to each individual animal.

We are proud members of the Finnsheep Breeders Association. The FBA is the official registry for Finn sheep in the USA.

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