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Finnsheep Fleece & Wool Roving

A Superior Fleece

Wool is a valuable and desirable product. A combination of many factors result in a superior fleece.

  • Breed characteristics and good genes.

  • Controlling internal parasites allows the sheep to utilize feed productively and grow wool.

  • A well-balanced feeding program directly affects both the quality and quanitity of the wool produced.

  • Protecting the growing fleece from contamination from foreign matter such as dirt, hay, bedding, grain, etc. Proper housing, a cleaner feeding system, and using sheep coats will help.

  • Since sickness and stress produce weak spots in the wool fiber, maintaining healthy, happy sheep helps to produce beautiful wool.

  • Skilled blade shearing minimizes second cuts and maximizes staple length.

  • Heavy skirting removes the belly, leg and head wool, off colored, cotted or stained wool and any contaminated or felted pieces.

  • Properly packed and stored fleece remains in good condition until it can be sold or processed.

Though we face some unique challenges in our environment, Hyer Wools works hard to produce a high-quality fleece. Kerry's extensive knowledge of animal nutrition and health, together with the individual care of pure-bred animals adds up to a flourishing flock. We use our expert (in-house) blade shearer to remove the fleece and local professional mills to process our roving. Hyer Wools has Finnsheep wool for sale. The prices for both raw fleece and prepared roving reflects the effort we take to produce a superior fleece. Raw wool is typically sold by the pound, processed wool by the ounce.

A Word About Coats

Using sheep coats or covers to protect the fleeces has some advantages, especially as the Finn wool has such an appeal to handspinners. But the practice has some serious drawbacks and we don't choose to coat each animal. An uncoated sheep collects more foreign material in its fleece, but also yields a more lofty and naturally open fleece with longer staple and no cotting at the tips. Our sheep are regularly free to range so the animal is safer and more comfortable as well.

On this issue, we strive to find a sustainable balance between the demands of a marketplace and the care and stewardship of our flock.

Light "Oatmeal" Roving

This lovely soft roving is ready to spin - The natural color has some dark fibers present, making a kind of "oatmeal" blend. Still, it is predominantly light colored with an obvious luster that will take dye readily. The wool is characteristically soft and easy to spin. An occasional hay fragment is present in this roving. The reasonable price reflects the cost to produce and prepare this beautiful product.  (Sadly, there is no more available. We are processing more white fleece for roving. Please check back.)

Dark Charcoal Roving

As with the white, this lovely dark blended roving is ready to spin. It is professionally processed from our naturally colored dark Finn fleeces. This roving includes the lamb fleeces from the three "bachelors" (yearling rams born in 2015) and this has made the batch extra soft. It also includes the fleeces from our two dark Finn ewes, who each have an extra nice, long staple. The bachelors were not coated, so there an occasional particle of hay, but it is easily picked out. The reasonable price reflects the cost to produce and prepare this beautiful product. You're going to love spinning and/or crafting with this special wool. This dark wool felts beautifully!  Send a SASE for a free sample!

$2.80 per oz.  plus shipping

$30.00 per pound  plus shipping

Raw White and Colored Fleeces

In addition to our roving, we also have a limited number of raw individual fleeces from our beautiful Finns. They are not all protected with coats, but are expertly sheared and skirted heavily. We sell these locally, but encourage you to inquire if there are any available. (Sadly, we have sold everything. Please check back for spring, 2018 fleeces.)

Prices vary, but generally start at

$15 - $20.00 per pound plus shipping

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