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Hyer Wools

 Beautiful Finn Sheep &
 Lovely Wool Products


black sheep  have you

any wool?

Yes sir, yes sir! Three bags full.

Finn sheep for sale, bottle feeding a lamb
Finn sheep wool for sale Finn sheep for sale
Hyer Wools & Our Beautiful Finnsheep


Hyer Wools is delighted to be part of the long history of New Mexico sheep and we're proud to participate in the heritage of New Mexico wool and fiber craft. As a part of this heritage, we enjoy living a life that reflects these ethics.


Acknowledge God
Be intentional
Be honest
Reduce consumption
Be a good neighbor
Freely share what we know
Do it ourselves
Grow food
Reduce waste
Live gently on the earth

Finn Sheep Breeding Stock, Finn Wool Fleece & Finn Wool Roving

We are experienced Finn sheep breeders. We love Finn sheep and think you will too. Finns are a great choice for backyard flocks and commercial flocks can increase fertility by incorporating the breed. Finnsheep wool is lovely and perfectly adapted to handspinning and wool crafting of all kinds.


Hyer Wools has hardy Finnsheep breeding stock for sale. We also have Finnsheep wool and prepared Finn wool roving for sale.

Sheep Shearing with Blades

Shearing the wool from sheep is physically demanding and requires knowledge and skill. This fact is amplified for blade shearing.

Kerry is one of just a handful of people who practices the traditional custom of shearing sheep with hand shears or blades. This process is quieter, more deliberate and careful, and far less stressful - primarily for the sheep, but the owners certainly don't complain either! If you need a sheep shearer in New Mexico, contact us.

The Hyer Wools Blog

Keep up with the farm and flock on our blog. Find information and tips about all aspects of shepherding and flock management.


Because Kathleen is an accomplished hand crafter, the blog will gradually be filled with wool craft ideas. You might find free patterns for crochet, instructions for felting projects, articles and tips for handspinning, plus other projects and tutorials for crafting with wool.

Finn sheep breeders in New Mexico
handspun wool yarn from Finnsheep wool, wool craft ideas
hand spinning wool, handspun yarn, wool crafts
Watson Multishears, sheep shearer in NM, hand shearing sheep with blades
felted wool hotpads, wool pot holders, crafting with wool
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